ANUAFC Mid-season Survey

Thanks to all those who filled out the ANUAFC mid-season survey! The Board really appreciates the time taken to provide feedback. We had a great response rate, so it’s positive to see that players are interested and engaged with planning for the future of the club. A few of the key points that the Board has taken away from the survey responses are:

  • Players love the community culture of the club and want to maintain this
  • The inclusive and social aspects of the club are important to players
  • There is support for continuing to develop women’s football at the ANUAFC
  • There is strong support for the ANUAFC to increase it’s role in ANU Sport initiatives
  • There is strong support for expanding the ANUAFC over the next 5-10 years

Using this information as a guide, the Board will develop ANUAFC’s strategic plan for the future. We will also continue to consult with players through surveys and provide updates in the Griffin Tale about what the Board is up to. If you have any additional feedback about the club or just want to ask a question, feel free to have a chat with any Board member. Information about position holders can be found here.