Dixon Advisory has been a proud sponsor of the ANUAFC for over 10 years and last night jointly hosted the first Women’s Leadership forum at their offices in Civic.

Inaugural ANUAFC Women’s Leadership Scholarship winner, Phoebe Worth talked about her experience transitioning from soccer to AFL, being a part of the women’s leadership team in her rookie year and riding the wave of excitement following the AFLW while club President, Caitlin Roy talked about how the club has evolved, the prosperous future for the ANUAFC women’s team and breaking down barriers to leadership for women more generally.

Thanks to all those who attended, and of course Brook Dixon (no relation!) for facilitating. We look forward to branching out in this space with Dixon Advisory into the future. If you would like more information on Dixon’s range of financial services or to make a referral contact 02 6162 5506 or visit www.dixon.com.au/partnerships/griffins